About Me

I design and implement Innovation &  Transformation projects for companies, through Design Thinking, Agile HR, InnovationBusiness Design and Management, and People Development.

I work with passion at the intersection of innovation, the development of organizational systems and technology.

I have twenty years experience in consulting with Change Management and Organizational Planning for Italian and International medium and big companies from several businesses.

I’m a member of the Accelerator Board of InnoVits and Mentor of Different Start Up.

I am Adjunct Professor of “Emerging Trends in Human Resources Management” course of the University of Eastern Piedmont.

I have collaborated on research projects for the development of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for business processes.



When 2018 turns to 2019 I start my new project: base 9.

base 9 is a Consulting Company that moves his thinking from Corporate to StartUp, and Back!

It’s what I experienced. During the last 5 years, I work as a Mentor and Innovation Advisor for StartUps, I invest in my learning journey about Agile, Design Thinking, and Lean StartUp. And then, I get back to corporate consulting.

base 9 works for people & organization with the aim to transform the way they work. Nowadays, technologies, products or services are not guaranteed to win the competition in your business.

What really matters is the way we work.

If you want to be customer-centric, innovative, and deliver value to the customer continuously, you have to spread knowledge, autonomy, accountability and new decision-making process in every part of the organization.

base 9 helps you to do that, designing your personal path to a new way of working.

Visit our website here!


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